How It Works

First of all, we would like to thank you for choosing Love Ko Anawangin. We will make sure that this is one of the best decision in your life.

Love Ko Sagada booking is so simple.

1st Contact Us! Provide promo code if you have one.

2nd, If all arrangements has been done, transfer the payment to the designated bank account  or any mode of payment agreed ( I have Paypal). We accept down payment then COD the rest.

3rd, We’ll send the Voucher via email not later than 9pm of that day after confirming the deposit. We can meet in person if you want to and if feasible.

4th, Bring your stuff needed in your stay then print and bring the invoice or voucher upon request of your specific resource person/guide at Sagada.

5th, Grab your stuff and meet at agreed pick point and  then ENJOY!

NOTE: Only after confirming the deposit, we shall send the data of our resource person et cetera et cetera which can be seen as well in our invoice. 

Bank details are all and should be under my name.

Also, we will only make AVP (audio video presentation not photography) within/less than 01 month only after the actual date where our guests have been at Sagada or any package deals agreed. Exceeding claims after 2 months will be deemed void. But we may create one with an affordable fee.


Love Ko Sagada and Love Ko Anawangin are both organized and administered by Clifford.

Read more about Sagada here!


For faster response, after commenting here, SEND A DIRECT email at using your email. Please include your contact number. We'll respond within a day. Queries on Sundays shall be addressed the following day. At least 1-2 week reservation.Thanks!

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