Sagada Mountain Adventure

Brandon and Danette great experience at Sagada Mountain Province!

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Continuing our roadtrip through central Luzon, we zig-zagged our way up into the Cordillera Central mountain range to visit the difficult to get to, but adventurous town of Sagada. Nestled in a pine tree forest, Sagada has many attractions that lure visitors from all over the Philippines to come visit.

Here are a few photos of our drive:



It took us 7 hours to drive to Sagada from Vigan due to the lack of construction happening at the Cervantes bridge. Aluing bridge is argued to be the ‘longest bridge in the world.’ Not even 1/7th the length of the Golden gate bridge in San Francisco, the Aluing bridge gets its nickname for being under a constant state of construction for over 36 years.

I had read many articles that said vehicles could cross a ‘makeshift’ bridge that would cut time to Sagada from the Taguidin road from the coast…

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We simply started blogging anawangin after visiting it aiming to boost its tourism and other nearby sites. Then BOOM! We're now coordinating various getaways in Luzon.
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