Me At Sumaguing Cave Near Entrance Area!

It’s really exciting doing spelunking at sumaguing cave

Before going down for spelunking, you’ll see this edifice (shown picture) at the right part of the road or in front of the entrance area going down to sumaguing cave.

This is where I took a shower (I can’t recall the minimal fee I paid) after spelunking coz it’s stinky down there due to bats poop, hehehehehe! Good for you if you won’t touch or avoid falling debris, I mean bat poop. Enjoy guys!

sumaging cave -

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About bmxclifford

I'm Pinoywanderer, Entrepreneur, Traveler, Motivator wanna be, love to ride bmx, roam around and play table tennis.
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One Response to Me At Sumaguing Cave Near Entrance Area!

  1. metrohousesrealty says:

    Nice one!

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